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  • Gripper TBM

    Boring Dia. 8.1 m,
    YinSong Water Divison

  • Metro EPB Tel Aviv

    Boring Dia. 7.54

  • EPB & Rectangular

Welcome to CREG TBM Germany GmbH - Subsidiary of CREG China

CREG - China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. - is a leading TBM supplier for mechanized tunnelling constructions of all kinds. Headquartered in the center of China, CREG provides full-range TBM solutions together with its up-to-date technical solutions highly oriented towards project challenges and customer expectations.

Until June 2018, CREG has signed 788 TBMs for tunnelling projects, in which 656 TBMs are boring different tunnels around the world, The TBM, what do we provided, are EPB, Slurry, Single-shield, Telescope shield, and Gripper TBM, with boring dia. ranging from 3 m to 15 m. These TBM, with their excellent performances, are active in operation and highly appreciated by customers worldwide. This speaks of CREG’s unremitting commitment to technical standard and service quality at the highest level, as well as a sound assurance of customer-oriented operative efficiency.

In addition to the TBM tunnelling solutions, CREG has also included a wide spectrum of auxiliary tunneling equipment into product portfolio, such as drilling jumbo, roadheader, rolling stock, disc cutters, diesel- and battery-driven locomotives as well as tunneling formworks and building structures.

CREG TBM Germany - Subsidiary of CREG China - sits in Düsseldorf and was founded in 2014 as part of the takeover of the tunnel boring business from the long-standing and tradition-steeped TBM manufacturer Aker Wirth.

Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Hartge

Sales & Projects

M.Sc. Jianbao Gao

Technical support

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Meyer

Project manager

Dipl.-Ing. Haolin Chen

Job site service and construction methods

Claudio Mandanici

Area service manager

Rolando Justa

Senior Project Manager

EPB Machine

Earth pressure balance, or EPB, is a mechanized tunneling method in which the excavated material is used to support the tunnel face whilst it is being plasticised using foam/slurry & other additives to make it transportable and impermeable.

Slurry TBM

Slurry TBM provide face support by pressurizing slurry in excavation chamber to balance soil and water pressure on working face. The excavated muck is transported by a slurry circulation system. These machines are characterized by stabilizing working face in sandy to gravely ground with precise settlement control.

Hard Rock TBM

CREG TBM Germany GmbH builds the whole range of Hard Rock TBMs. All types of Hard Rock TBMs are customized designed for each project. We manufacture Gripper- , Single- and Double-Shield TBMs in highest quality under strongest requirements.

Special Application TBM

First Shield Machine for horseshoe-shaped Cross Sections will be used to bore the Baicheng tunnel of the Mengxi railway project, connecting the west area of Inner Mongolia and Central China.


Diesel locos: 25~60 t.
Battery locos: 12~60 t

Rolling Stock

Muck Wagons: 6 ~20 m3

Segment Cars

15-30 t

Man Riders

Mortar Car

Cutter Discs

To give the best support to our customers their projects, we offer a wide range of services.


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    CREG is the leading TBM supplier for challenging tunnelling work in underground projects worldwide. CREG provides TBMs, tunnelling technology and technical solutions for a wide variety of tunnelling projects. more >>>