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  • Gripper TBM

    Boring Dia. 8.1 m,
    YinSong Water Divison

  • Metro EPB Tel Aviv

    Boring Dia. 7.54

  • EPB & Rectangular

Boom-type Road header——CTR-series

Boom-type Road header, also known as arbitrary section roadheader, is a kind of high efficiency joint operating machinery integrating various functions such as cutting, walking, loading, spraying and dust removal. It has the characteristics of less disturbance, easy control, continuous excavation, less workmanship, low labor intensity, high safety and flexible.



  • Total length(without/containing the second conveyor):16.2/23.5m
  • Total width: 4.2m
  • Total height(containing the driving cab): 4.32m
  • Total weight: 132.5t
  • Total power(containing the second conveyor): 633kW
  • The cutting power: 323kW
  • The maximum cutting width(location): 8m
  • The maximum cutting height(location): 7.5m
  • The cutting area(location): 50㎡
  • The maximum uniaxial compressive strength of cutting rock: 70Mpa
  • Depth: 293mm
  • Gradeability: ±14°