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CREG Gripper TBM First Breakthrough in Lebanon

On 5 May 2017, CREG’s 3.5m diameter gripper TBM Lèa made its first breakthrough of Tunnel Drive 3 in the Greater Beirut Water Supply Project. A celebration was held in presence of representatives from CMC di Ravenna (the contractor), the local authorities, CREG and all project partners.

The Greater Beirut Water Supply Project including the construction of tunnels extending for approximately 24 kilometers and transfer lines for the potable water supply of Beirut is contracted by Italian CMC di Ravenna. This water supply project can be divided into two large parts: tunnels in the hilly area and underground pipelines in the urban area. The tunnels (called Drive 1, 2 3) will be completed by two gripper TBM. CMC signed a contract with CREG on the supply of two gripper type hard rock TBMs in June 2015. The two 3.5m diameter gripper TBMs are named “Lèa” and “Yasmina” respectively. The TBM Lèa is planned to bore Tunnel Drive 3 (4.13km) firstly and then shall be transferred to bore Tunnel Drive 1 (8.10km) while the TBM Yasmina is planned to bore Tunnel Drive 2 (10.37km).

The local geology mainly consists of limestone, dolomitic limestone and dolomite, behaving intact to moderately weathered, with UCS strength from 50 to 170 MPa. According to the geotechnical investigation, a lot tectonic faults and highly fractured rock will be encountered during mining. Gripper TBM shall go slowly and it required the use of supports like wire mesh and ring beams in order to avoid any risk. The maximum inclination of 4.97% for Tunnel Drive 3 alignment is designed in order to pass under existing valley. It is a big challenge for an open gripper TBM specially when dealing with de-watering works. Despite of those difficulties especially type of dangerous rock encountered, TBM Lèa’s average overall rate since the launching of the TBM is 18m/day, whereas the maximum records on daily rate was noted 48.22 m/day and on April 2017 the monthly rate was noted 894.8 m/month and up to 98.63% machine availability.

The second set of TBM Yasmina is launched on 11 September 2016, Yasmina has successfully driven through the tunnel section on minimum radius curves of 300m in the initial stage, and it has driven over 4.5km.

The performance of the TBMs has been highly commended at the breakthrough ceremony by Mr. Paolo Mauri, Area Manager of Middle East of CMC di Ravenna. “We reach a good record. We reached more than 48 meter for daily rate, which was more than expected as a result. So I think it's definitely a good machine and a good assistance from CREG. It's the CREG's assistance and CREG's engineers, which is a big added value. And this makes the results.”

The Greater Beruit Water Supply project is scheduled to go into operation in 2019 to supply potable water for 1.6 million people in the region.

The TBM main characters are as follows:

  • Boring diameter: 3500 mm;
  • Total length: 240 m;
  • Total drive power: 1200 kW;
  • Max. advance speed: 80 mm/min;
  • Thrust force: 8972 kN;
  • Breakout torque: 1800 kNm;
  • Rotation speed: 0-8.5-14.5 rpm;
  • Min. horizontal radius: 300 m.
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Three arms hydraulic jumbo drill

Erlang mountain tunnel application - CREG just signed a contract to supply one set of jumbo drill for Erlang mountain tunnel. This tunnel is the key section of Yakang expressway project.

This tunnel is 13.5 km long and located in western part of Sichuan Provence where the earthquake intensity is 8 degree. It crosses 13 large tectonic faults with a complex geology. The encountered rock is very variable, from extreme hard granite to weak mudstone. They said, each round before blasting they will make a site investigation drill about 40 meters long by using CREG jumbo drill to anticipate the geology, the parameter will be recorded for a prompt site analysis.

In general, the full face (83 m²) 150 holes drilling process will take 3 to 3.5 hours. It reduced the time about 25% comparing to traditional manual positioning/drilling system. The drilling speed is ranging from 1,7 to 2,5 m/min according to the hardness of rock. Overbreak is well controlled and less than 10cm as they said.

CHARACTERISTICS CREG three arms hydraulic jumbo drill is mainly dedicated to drill-and-blast mining, it can be also applied to geological investigation, fore-poling, fore-injection drilling, bolt drilling etc. This machine is equipped with advanced automation system, which can help operator to realize efficient and accurate drilling operation. The feedback from jobsite has proven a high reliability and adaptability. Especially the advanced computerized systems was very ‘’ergonomic’’, operator can easily understand this system through a short briefing (or a demonstration) about 15min. This system also has the following advantages:


  • Reducing over break, case study shows reduction from 60 cm to 30 cm, or typical from 25% to 11% at 35 m² and 3 m each round;
  • Reduced number of holes by 10-15 % due to accurate drilling and accurate distance in bottom of holes;
  • Longer rounds possible due to more accurate drilling, increase from 3 to 4 meters is possible.


  • Automatic drilling report as management of tool to optimize the drilling steel and drifter maintenance, parameter report can be used as an indication for anticipating the geology;
  • Project integrated design and reporting system;
  • Planning system.


  • More navigation methods available (laser, profiler, total station);
  • Could have more function according to custom’s need.
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CREG ‘‘Golda’’ EPB TBM launched in Israel

On the morning of 20 February, a remarkable ceremony of TBM launching has been held in Tel Aviv district in Israel. More than 300 guests, including Israel Minister of transport and Chinese ambassador witnessed CREG’s success and shared the glorious moment.

Tel Aviv is the second biggest city in Israel, with a large population. To reduce traffic congestion, Israel government decided to construct seven light rail lines. Red line is one of the seven lines with a total length 23km and consisting of TBM section, traditional excavating section and 23 stations. CREG signed up a contract to supply 6 EPB TBMs for red line west machining section.

CREG ‘‘Golda’’ TBM is 105m long with diameter 7.53m. This machine has been manufactured according to the local construction standards to strictly satisfy high level QSHE requirements. TBM was launched at Galei Gil shaft and will be received at Ben Gurion station, thereinto passing through Aylon River, highway and five important landmarks. Tunnel was mainly built in soft ground condition. The revealed geology are clay and sand. The main concern is boring beneath riverbed. The overburden is less than 4m, in addition two concrete piles foundation with one meter diameter penetrated through the riverbed will be an obstacle while tunneling. So how to limit the settlement and crush concrete piles will be the crucial challenges.

The TBM main characters are as follows:

  • Boring diameter: 7530 mm
  • Total length: 105 m
  • Total weight: 780 ton
  • Total drive power: 1600 kw
  • Total installed power: 2673 kw
  • Max. advance speed: 80 mm/min
  • Thrust force: 55750 kN
  • Breakout torque: 14000 kN∙m
  • Rotation speed: 0-3 rpm
  • Max. working pressure: 5 bar
  • Min. horizontal radius: 200 m
  • Max. climbing slope: 5%
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CREG R297 slurry TBM site assembly completed

February 8th 2017, CREG R297 slurry TBM has been successfully assembled on jobsite in Wangjing district, which is located in Chinese capital Beijing, site commissioning will be taken place later on.

Early 2016, CREG has signed a contract with China Railway Tunnel Group (CRTG) to supply two slurry machines numbered R297 and R298 for railway lot13 from Beijing to Shengyang, which is considered the crucial section of this alignment. The tunnel is built mainly in alluvium deposits, the geotechnical investigation shows that clay, silt and silty clay will be accoutered during TBM excavation.


  • Shallow overburden: Near the launching area, the ground cover is only 10,5m, how to prevent the potential collapse will be a major issue for TBM launching.
  • Cross important landmark: Tunnel will pass through beneath capital airport, highway and intensive residential buildings etc. Differential settlement must be limited during tunnelling.
  • 3680m without shaft: TBM must continuously function without any fatal mistake.


  • Anti-wearing treatment for special place of cutter head.
  • Zero spillage pipe extension system
  • Full coverage flushing system

The TBM main characters are as follows:

  • Total length: 82 m
  • Boring diameter: 10,90 m
  • Motorization: Electrical drive
  • Total drive power: 2000 kW
  • Max. advance speed: 50mm/min

R298 is now assembling in main factory of CREG headquarters, the factory acceptance will be held in 1st march.

We expect an outstanding performance of CREG slurry machine.

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CREG R73 hard rock TBM is ready to go in Vietnam

February 6th 2017, CREG R73 hard rock TBM has been successfully launched in Vietnam Da Nhim jobsite. CREG as a TBM manufacturer pioneer, vigorously promoted the development of infrastructure construction in this country.

In November 2015, CREG was committed to renovate and refurbish a used Wirth hard rock TBM for Vietnam hydroelectric power station project running by CC47 Company. After elaborate studying, modification and testing, CREG professional team has achieved their goal that the hard rock TBM’s performance met all the requirements according to the local geological condition. Factory acceptance was took place in Oct. 2016.

The TBM main characters are as follows:

  • TBM Length: approx. 170 m
  • TBM type: gripper TBM
  • Boring diameter: 3,90 m
  • Motorization: Electrical drive
  • Total installed power: 1440 kW
  • Max. advance speed: 6m/h
  • Max. torque: 1400 kN∙m
  • Rotation speed: 0 to 12,5 rpm

Kelly system is consisting of cutter head jacket, support ring, support cylinder, push cylinder, Kelly gripper and rear support.

Key features are as follows:

  • Gripper pads: 8 units
  • Gripper cylinder: 16 units
  • Total gripping force. 19968 kN
  • Thrust cylinder: 2 units
  • Max. thrust force: 8048 kN
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MENGHUA U-Shape TBM made its first 500m successfully

Segment by segment, meter by meter, time has witnessed the world pioneer’s success. On the occasion of Chinese New year, an exciting news from Baicheng Railway site office that Menghua U-sharp TBM has successfully completed the first 500 meters.

Baicheng Railway tunnel is located in Shanxi Prov. Total length of tunnel is 3345m with the maximum overburden 81,05m. Mini horizontal radius is 1000m and maxi slope is 0,5%. The jobsite is in Quaternary alluvium, tunnel will be mainly built in silty sand, fin sand and yellowish clay. After enormous amount of demonstration and analysis, the World’s first U-sharp EPB machine has been developed by CREG for the application of soft ground condition.

U-sharp EPB machine was launched in Nov. 2016, according to the feedback from jobsite, it has well performed in soft ground mining. After an adaptation period, new they achieved high productivity of five rings per shift. Excavation parameters were registered and transferred to database center for further analysis.

U-sharp TBM is about 110 meters long with a “horse hoof” section of 10.95m (width)*11.9m (height). Cutter head consists of two rows star sharp cutters with front and back arrangement. The total excavation coverage is more than 90%. Comparing with traditional TBM, U-sharp TBM can reduce 10% to 15% excavation area so that it efficiently increase the section utilization.

The main characters are as follows:

  • Length of shield: 11 m
  • Motorization: Electrical drive
  • Drive power: 1980 kw
  • Max. thrust: 13948 t
  • Max. advance speed: 60 mm/min
  • Max. torque: 2643 kN∙m (per group)
  • Min. turning curve: 800m
  • Max. slope: 3%
  • Segment type 7+1

CREG - Rectangular pipe jacking machine finishes tunnel in Singapore

At the beginning of November a rectangular pipe jacking machine with a cutting section of 7.72m x 5.65m has finished tunnelling as part of Singapore’s T221 project. The machine was deployed to an underpass at the MRT Thomson-East Coast Line's Havelock MRT station. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) decided to use a rectangular pipe jacking machine supplied by CREG, this was to minimize noise and dust during due to tunnel construction works. Also by using this type of machine it meant less time for traffic diversions, because this construction method significantly reduces the total construction time of a tunnel. The excavation of the 157m long tunnel took only six months which compared to cut and cover method was much faster. This exciting and outstanding mechanical tunnelling technology has been proven by a couple of projects in Asia, where CREG has supplied rectangular pipe jacking machines with different dimensions. Recently CREG was honoured with the Gold Award for “Chinese Good Design” for high technical innovation, which is organised by Red Dot and awarded by the China Academy of Engineers. The machine used in Singapore will be moved to the Thomson-East Coast Line's Stevens interchange station so it can excavate the next underpass that goes under the Bukit Timah canal. For further information please visit their website http://www.creg-germany.com/ or contact info@creg-germany.com . 51/16.

Tunnelbuilder welcomes CREG TBM Germany

CREG is the leading TBM supplier for challenging tunnelling work in underground projects worldwide. CREG provides TBMs, tunnelling technology and technical solutions for a wide variety of tunnelling projects. To date CREG have provided more than 400 different TBMs , they have produced high quality and innovative EPBs, slurry TBMs, single shields, Telescope shields and Gripper TBMs all have a range of boring diameters from 3 to 15 meters. In addition to the supply of TBMs, CREG can also supply rolling stock, disc cutters, battery and diesel locomotives as well as tunnelling formwork. CREG´s TBMs have been used to bore metro tunnels, water transfer tunnels, sewage tunnels, as well as railway and highway tunnels in China and overseas. All their customers highly recommend the use of their products on these projects. CREG TBM Germany is based in Erkelenz in the Cologne / Düsseldorf region and was founded in 2014 after CREG took over the long-standing and tradition-steeped tunnel boring machine technology and business of the TBM manufacturer Aker Wirth. For further information about the company and their products please visit their website http://www.creg-germany.com/ . Or you can email CREG with your requirements for tunnelling works on info@creg-germany.com, Mr. O. Hartge. 51/16.